ICC Greenland President

Hjalmar Dahl started his carrier in ICC since the establishment of the ICC in 1980 as Special Assistant to the first President of the ICC Hans-Pavia Rosing, Nuuk Greenland.

He was responsible to communicate ICC issues and policies locally and nationally in Greenland as well as to the international community. Hjalmar has also been instrumental during the negotiations and applications to let ICC to be accredited as NGO Category II Status within the United Nations system till the acceptance and approval by the UN Economic and Social Council.

He has since then coordinated ICC´s involvement within the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations, negotiations to the develop a draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous, Peoples, formation of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and all relevant activities to promote and protect indigenous people’s rights.


Hjalmar also spent a year (1992-93) as one of the first Junior Indigenous Experts at the Center of  Human Rights at the UN Geneva office.

In 2010 Hjalmar got elected as member of the ICC Executive Council and in 2014 as Vice-Chair of the council for Greenland and to date serves as President for the ICC Greenland.

He has worked in ICC for more than 38 years now as ICC official.