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ICC at AFN: Protect the environment and our right to hunt

Protect the environment and our right to hunt

In these days, the convention of Alaska Federation of Natives, which is Alaska's largest indigenous peoples organization, is taking place in Anchorage.

ICC Chair Jimmy Stotts, and Vice-president Aqqaluk Lynge have both given speeches. From Greenland, also ICC employee Lene Kielsen Holm is participating. The ICC delegation also met AFN Chair Julie Kitka at the convention.

ICC in the new Greenland

In his speech, ICC Vice-president Aqqaluk Lynge explained the importance of having an organization like ICC. ICC is among other things working for the protection of our environment, and in these years Greenland is searching for new ways of strengthening its economy.

Aqqaluk Lynge also announced that ICC will have its next general assembly in Nuuk in Greenland, next year.

The speech will be available on ICC's web site.

"We are all criminals"

Jimmy Stotts encouraged in his speech, indigenous peoples of Alaska to protect their right to hunt and pass the tradition on to the next generations. In Alaska some forms of hunting are illegal, and thus many indigenous hunters become criminals. Still, the Chair encouraged the Alaskans to keep hunting.

AFN on-line

The AFN convention can be followed live on-line at

AFN has 178 member villages and is the largest indigenous peoples organization in Alaska.