Newsletter 2019

Ingmar Egede - His work will continue

Ingmar Egede who was member of ICC's executive council from 1989-92 and vicepresident of ICC from 1992-95 died of cancer saturday, nineth of August in Nuuk.



Ingmar Egede former Vicepresident for Inuit Circumpolar Conference died after a long struggle against cancer Saturday the ninth of August

Ingmar Egede was very active in educational questions throughout the Arctic, that lead in the end to the creation of the world wide International Training Center for Indigenous Peoples, ITCIP, where indigenous people throughout the world were able to be taught about Human Rights.

-To honor his life and his memory we, the Greenlandic society and the world community, will continue the cooperation amongst the indigenous peoples in his name, Aqqaluk Lynge stated and continued:- It is faith that he died on the nineth of August which is the International day for the World's Indigenous Peoples, which where celebrated by ICC and IYI.

The funeral of Ingmar Egede will take place Thursday 14th of August in Nuuk.

Indigenous day in Nuuk, Greenland

Inuit Circumpolar Conference and Inuit youth International celebrated indigenous day inaugurated by UN ninth of August in Nuuk

It was like Sila had decided to greet around 200 participants with warmth and happy thoughts, when ICC and IYI celebrated International Indigenous Day.

It was a family gathering where art of sewing and knowledge of kayaking were shown.

A bus were chartered to bring people from downtown Nuuk to Aanaas House near the Nuuk Airport. Two municipality workshops where traditional sewing is done displayed their abilities and the local kayaking club participated.

Beside the more traditional events Appa' Papii were performing with drums and gave a fresh input.