Newsletter 2019

Arctic Indigenous Peoples gathered at Christiansborg

Press release, Copenhagen, November 22, 2013

>>One thing is to fight for the rights – another is to implement them and fill the positions created by them.<<

Thus said Aile Javo, President of the Saami Council, yesterday during her presentation at Christiansborg Castle at the Arctic Peoples 'Conference - An anniversary celebration of 40 years of indigenous peoples' cooperation.

It is the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) which organizes the conference in cooperation with the Saami Council, and with support from the Nordic Council. The Greenlandic member of the Danish parliament Sara Olsvig is hosting the event. Up to 100 participants, including 75 invited guests will attend the conference during November 21-22. Among the participants are also representatives of RAIPON, the Russian umbrella organization of indigenous peoples in Russia.

>>While it is a celebration of 40 years of cooperation between Inuit and Sami, it is also a celebration of the beginning of Greenland's participation in the struggle for indigenous rights - A struggle which was based on the same polished floors at Christiansborg in 1973.<< says Aqqaluk Lynge, chair of ICC.