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Inuit Circumpolar Council is fully supporting the whaling policy of Greenland

On its meeting in January 2013 in Nuuk, the ICC executive council discussed amongst others the current whaling situation.

For many years ICC has been a member of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) with observer status. The last few years ICC has been unable to actively participate in the IWC meetings because of limited funding, but is always following the development within the IWC closely and if necessary intervene in the debate.

Because of the absence of approval by the IWC on the allocation of whale quotas for 2013 to Greenland, Naalakkersuisut (The Greenland Self-government) decided to unilaterally allocate Greenland whale quotas, based on long-standing claims and submitted documentation.

"The ICC executive council fully supports the right of Greenland to indigenous whaling based on the needs and thus supports ensuring the need of the population in this way," says ICC Chair Aqqaluk Lynge and continues:

"It is not appropriate that the IWC has not yet approved Greenland’s claims on allocations of whale quotas, which are based on scientific studies and on the basis of the sustainability and precautionary principle. Therefore we, the ICC executive board, fully supports Naalakkersuisut’s unilateral decision on whale quotas" says Aqqaluk Lynge and concludes:

"ICC is continuously working diligently to promote the rights of indigenous peoples at the international level, and it is the duty of IWC to ensure whale quotas so that the Greenlanders’ needs are ensured with regard to the IWC’s competence, rules and other international agreements. It is with regret that we must note that most of the representatives of member states at the IWC believes more and more in the false data distributed from animal welfare organizations and the like, which is problematic, and this development is extremely worrying and requires the provision of extra attention to this development."

Information about the background is attached.

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For further information contact: Aqqaluk Lynge, 323632, ICC Chair