Newsletter 2019

New Executive Director in ICC Head office

February 1, 2012

Alfred E. R. Jakobsen is from February 1, 2012 employed as Executive Director in the ICC Head office in Nuuk. He is substituting Sara Olsvig, who is on a leave from her job since the election to the Danish parliament.

Alfred Jakobsen is recruited on the basis of his extensive experience both as a former member of ICC's international leadership, and as a former member of the Greenland Self-Government and in other leading positions in public administration. Alfred Jakobsen meet the language requirements for the appointment to a job of this character, as he is fluent in Greenlandic, English and Danish, both written and orally.

The ICC Head office has been based in Nuuk since Greenland took over the chairmanship of ICC in 2010. Greenland has the responsibility until the next General Assembly in 2014, after which the chairmanship is transferred to another member state.


Aqqaluk Lynge
International Chair of ICC