Newsletter 2019

Sara Olsvig on leave from ICC Greenland

October 1, 2011

As you might have heard already, Sara Olsvig, former Executive Director of ICC Greenland, was elected member of the Danish Parliament at the election on September 15, 2011.

Greenland holds two seats at the Danish Parliament, as does the Faroe Islands, and they are members equal to all the Danish members. After the Danish parties reached constitution, Sara is now holding following positions in the parliament committees:

- Chairperson of the Committee on Greenland Affairs
- Member of the Standing Committee of Arctic Parliamentarians
- Member of the Foreign Policy Committee
- Member of the Environment Committee
- Member of the Defence Committee
- The Nordic Council, Substitute

Sara Olsvig is thus on leave from ICC Greenland from September 15 and throughout this whole election period. The ICC Greenland office/Head Office wish her good luck with her term!