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Inuit Arctic Policy

Dette er den tredje udgave af en omfattende arktisk politik, skabt af og for Inuit. (På engelsk)


1. To establish a comprehensive Inuit Arctic Policy in Inuit circumpolar regions in regard to matters of economic, social, cultural, environmental as well as political concerns.

2. To achieve a broad consensus on the priorities, policies, and principles to be advanced in Inuit circumpolar regions, taking into account the significance of the Arctic and its resources to both present and future generations of northern peoples.

3. To encourage co-ordination of policy-making and decision-making in the international community, particularly in and among those states with Arctic jurisdictions and interests.

4. To ensure the survival of Inuit as a distinct people, and to integrate Inuit cultural values and concerns in all aspects of Arctic Policy, as appropriate.

5. To emphasize the importance of an economic base in the North, and the continuing right of Inuit to participate in the management and development of the Arctic and its resources.

6. To give due priority to improving the quality of life in Inuit communities and the right of Inuit to exercise adequate control over actions and activities significantly affecting their northern regions.

7. To protect the delicate Arctic environment, including marine and other resources upon which Inuit depend.

8. To devise principles for an Inuit Arctic Policy which not only ensures recognition and respect for Inuit rights and interests, but also protects the human and other fundamental rights and freedoms of all northern peoples.

9. To favour those policies and principles which foster peaceful diplomacy and the use of appropriate and safe technologies in circumpolar regions.

10. To promote international understanding and co-operation in Arctic matters through collaborative, co-operative research; informational, cultural, and educational exchanges; and international agreements.

11. To proclaim November 7th, the birth day of the ICC visionary and founder, Eben Hopson Sr., as “Inuit Day”, and all Inuit governments, agencies and communities should also be urged to proclaim annually this day as “Inuit Day” with appropriate ceremonies and celebrations.